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The Great Connections Seminar
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rating the "Top" Colleges and Universities

Related to my previous post on forgotten history, take a look at the Association of College Trustees and Alumni - ACTA's - project to evaluate learning at the top-rated colleges and universities at the What Will They Learn website - it's not pretty.

For $38,361 tuition at my alma mater, Northwestern University, a student is not required to take any classes in economics, history, mathematics, science, or literature - only foreign language. University of Chicago requires courses in all but economics, history, and foreign language. The question is: what are they learning?

Another unhappy finding - the graduation rates at many of the institutions are abyssmal. Economically, these institutions are taking in millions in federal loans, yet their customers are not getting the full product. If a business did this, wouldn't everyone scream?


Vain Saints said...

Hello Ms. Familaro. I have started an independent blog of my own based on similar themes as yours. It is just getting started, but I will send the link since we seem to be like-minded, and if you like it, you can feel free to send a link.

Thank you.

Brian C.

Marsha Familaro Enright said...

Thank you Tory.

Rizwan ali said...

i am regular visitor of your site and you are writing very nice so keep posting university admission

Marsha Familaro Enright said...

Thank you Rizwan Ali!