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The Great Connections Seminar
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Khan Academy - a fantastic educational resource

Thanks to Deb Ross for info on Khan Academy, a remarkable online resource for math study, all uploaded to YouTube.

Students comment on how well they learned from this instruction.


Ahermitt said...

I love KhanAcademy.

My kids have been using it since Spring. My 15 year old used it to review Algebra and Geometry before he moved forward... he is just now beginning Algebra 2 level. My 13 year old has lapped him. Using Khan Academy just a few hours a week, she is well into Algebra 2.

So cool!

I only got as far as Trig in high school and took one college math, so this is extremely helpful.

I will be sending a donation!

Marsha Familaro Enright said...

Sorry to be so delayed in replying to your comment - I've been on vacation. That's terrific to hear how helpful this site has been to your children.

Why do you think it works so well?